Winterstoke Hundred Academy


  • Education
  • New Build
  • On Time Delivery
  • MEP
  • Health & Safety
  • Design & Planning
  • FF&E

80,000 sqm


Architect: AHR Architects
Contractor: Kier

Winterstoke - Live, work, learn, play

In partnership with the Cabot Learning Federation, AHR Architects and Kier Construction, Chalk recently completed this 900 student senior school for Cabot Learning Federation, a pioneering educational institution leading the Parkland Village initiative. The £30 million project, funded through the Homes England’s Housing Infrastructure Fund, aimed to provide 900 school places in the form of an 80,000 sqm, fully carbon-neutral facility.

We encountered numerous delays and setbacks, necessitating agile programming of production, strategic storage solutions for materials and efficient management of our suppliers and inhouse production. Despite these challenges, we successfully navigated the complexities, ensuring that project timelines were met, collaborating with all parties to ensure optimal delivery.



Our primary objective was to engagement with the Cabot Learning Federation to comprehensively understand and address their interior requirements for a holistic educational environment.

The remit encompassed designing and revamping numerous spaces including:

  • Learning spaces
  • Specialist areas
  • Staff and administrative spaces

Our approach was multifaceted, aiming to:

  1. Translate Vision into Design: We carefully translated the Federation’s vision and functional requirements into a design that not only respects but also complements its surroundings.
  2. Enhance Teaching and Learning Environments: The design strategy focused on augmenting the teaching and learning experience through thoughtfully crafted spaces.
  3. Support Wellbeing: A core aspect of our design philosophy was to nurture and support the wellbeing of both pupils and staff. This was achieved through creating environments that are not only functional but also psychologically uplifting.
  4. Accessibility and lnclusivity: In adherence to the Disability Discrimination Act (ODA) requirements, we ensured that the spaces are fully accessible. Our designs foster empowering and inclusive environments, considering the diverse needs of all users.

Outcome: This case study explores the successful implementation of these design principles, showcasing how an educational environment can be transformed into a space that is both functional and inspirational, catering to diverse needs.



The installation phase spanned from 6th to 17th November 2023. During this period, Chalk supplied a comprehensive range of furniture and equipment, from classroom essentials to specialised PE and design technology equipment. Our collaboration with Cabot Learning Federation remained close throughout, contributing to the seamless execution.



Beyond the challenges, the Parkland Village project stands out for several commendable features. It is the first fully carbon-neutral school in the area, boasting a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating for energy efficiency and a remarkable 10% biodiversity net gain. Located just outside Weston-Super-Mare, Parkland Village is equipped with solar panels on the roof, generating electricity for internal use and contributing surplus power back to the national grid. This innovative approach allows the school to achieve net-zero carbon in its operation.