Holly talks the influence of design

By Introducing Holly Bowen

Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed room and felt an instant boost in your mood? It’s not just a coincidence. The power of a well-designed environment can have a significant impact on your overall well-being and productivity. From the colours on the walls to the placement of furniture, every element in a space has the potential to affect your mood and output positively.

Firstly, colour plays an important role in setting the tone for a space. Bright and vibrant colours can create energy and excitement while calming colours can promote relaxation and focus. Choosing the right colour palette for your environment can help you feel more energized, focused, and productive.

Secondly, lighting is another important aspect of designing an environment that affects mood and productivity. Natural light has been shown to improve overall mood, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity. When designing a space, it’s essential to maximize natural light sources by placing windows strategically or using mirrors to reflect natural light throughout the room.

Thirdly, organisation is key when it comes to creating an environment that promotes positivity and productivity. A cluttered space can contribute to feelings of overwhelm and distract from tasks at hand. On the other hand, having an organised workspace with designated areas for different tasks can help keep you focused and motivated.

Lastly, incorporating elements of nature into your environment can also have positive effects on mood and productivity. Plants not only add aesthetic appeal but also purify the air we breathe which leads to improved cognitive function. Additionally, natural elements such as wood or stone can create a sense of calmness which promotes relaxation.



“Colour and design have the power to transform space, evoke emotions, create lasting impressions, make a statement, tell a story, and even improve our well-being…”


In conclusion, designing an environment with intentionality has profound effects on our overall well-being and productivity. By considering factors such as colour scheme, lighting sources, organisation techniques, and incorporating natural elements we are able to create spaces that enhance our lives both physically and mentally. As we continue to navigate through our daily routines of learning and working, it is essential that we prioritise creating environments that positively influence our moods which will ultimately lead us towards achieving greater success in our personal lives as well as professional endeavours.

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