Cooking up excellence: Collaborative Visit to Electrolux Professional

By Andy Brown

In a dynamic industry driven by innovation, environmental efficiencies and technological advancement, the pursuit of excellence is paramount. This week, Chalk’s dedicated team of passionate designers embarked on a journey to further their knowledge and fortify an industry partnership.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, our team had the privilege of meeting with Electrolux Professional at their UK head office. The meeting was aimed at elevating our commitment and knowledge to delivering best-in-class commercial catering equipment.

The Chalk Team:
Our delegation consisted of Chloe Davis, Elizabeth Cloughton, Tom Barnes, and Alice Mayo, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the kitchen table. Leading the charge was Chalk’s Head of Catering Operations, Andy Brown, whose wealth of experience has been instrumental in growing our Commercial Catering division.

Our Hosts:
At Electrolux Professional, we were welcomed by a trio of industry experts:

– Account Manager Richard McKay – A seasoned professional, Richard brought to the table a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the commercial catering landscape.

– Stuart Flint, Training and Demonstration Manager (Chef) – Stuart’s expertise in culinary arts and equipment training added a valuable dimension to our visit. His insights into the practical aspects of equipment usage were invaluable.

– Steve Bowler, Design & Product Manager (Laundry and Ware Washing) – Steve is an expert in the field of laundry and ware washing equipment. His perspective on design and product development provided a comprehensive view of Electrolux Professional’s offerings.

Purpose and Goals:
Our visit to Electrolux Professional had two primary objectives:

1. Knowledge Enhancement:
We sought to deepen our understanding of commercial catering equipment, its evolving specifications, and the latest innovations in the field. This knowledge is pivotal in ensuring that Chalk remains at the forefront of industry trends.
• Prime cooking equipment (induction, gas and electric)
• Food preparation equipment
• Ware washing
• Refrigeration
• Beverage
• Ice Cream

2. Strengthening Relations:
Building strong, collaborative relationships is a cornerstone of Chalk’s ethos. We aimed to foster a closer and more productive partnership with Electrolux Professional, working hand in hand to serve our clients better.

Key Highlights:
• During our visit, we engaged in enlightening discussions, product demonstrations, and hands-on experiences that enriched our expertise. Highlights of our interactions included:
• In-depth discussions on Electrolux Professional’s product specifications and their applications in various hospitality and education environments.
• Exploring innovative design solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into our client projects.
• Gaining insights into best practices for specifying equipment to optimise operational efficiency and sustainability.

What a great event. Thank you to all involved. The knowledge gained and relationships forged during these two days will undoubtedly shape our approach to designing and specifying commercial catering equipment in the future.