Celebrating Women in Construction

By Bradley Eccleshare

We’re proud to be shining a spotlight on the incredible women who are the backbone of our professional team at Chalk.

In an industry where grit, precision, and innovation come together, our female colleagues are leading the charge, breaking barriers, and setting new standards. With their hard hats and blueprints, they’re not just part of the construction landscape; they’re redefining it every day.

We’re beyond proud to announce that our professional office-based workforce is now represented by 60% women – a testament to our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. From designers and office administrators, to project managers, their expertise, determination, and leadership drive our commercial success.

Their contributions are more than just bricks and mortar; they’re building dreams for schools, shaping skylines in the city, urban homes in rural counties, and crafting the future of tomorrow’s classrooms, one project at a time. Their passion and perseverance inspire us all, proving that the strength of our team is not just in the structures we create but in the diverse talents we bring together.

Join us in celebrating our team. Here’s to the women in construction at Chalk – we are immensely grateful for your hard work, creativity, and resilience.