90 Seconds with Chalk’s Interior Designer.

By Bradley Eccleshare


In this episode, the first in a series “90 seconds with”, we’re proud to introduce lead interior designer Holly Bowen. As we journey through 2024, we’ll be showcasing our talented team – but for now meet Holly.  Her expertise and vibrant personality, with the help of the team at Chalk, is helping reshape spaces across our client sectors.

Holly Bowen – A Profile in Design Excellence

Standing as part of the interior design team at Chalk, and with years of experience under her belt, Holly has become synonymous with innovative and client-focused design. As the lead interior designer, she oversees a diverse range of projects, ensuring each one reflects our commitment to excellence and creativity.


A Blend of Knowledge and Creativity

Holly’s approach to design is a perfect blend of deep-rooted knowledge and out-of-the-box creativity. She’s not just about making spaces look beautiful; she’s about crafting environments that resonate with our clients’ visions. Her ability to provide incredible design options and work closely with clients to deliver their desired schemes sets her apart in industry. 

The Impact Designs Across Various Sectors

Holly’s versatility is showcased in our work across multiple sectors, including education, health, residential, commercial office spaces, retail environments and government projects. Each project under Holly’s guidance is a testament to her ability to adapt and excel, regardless of the sector or scale. Her designs in high-end retail environments have encouraged increased consumer dwell time, while her residential work has focused on the practical application of flexible, open plan living, creating family-friendly spaces that aid time well spent together. See Chalk’s latest design-lead, retail project here.

Speak with us

For those who wish to transform their interior spaces, we would love for you to connect with our expansive team and support you with scheduling a free consultation. To take advantage of this please contact us on +44 (0)1243 956222 or email enquiries@chalkcreatives.co.uk