Education starts in the classroom with FF&E consultancy.

Welcome to Chalk Education.

We focus on designing industry leading environments for SEND, nursery, primary, secondary, higher, adult and specialist education settings.

Consultancy services

As a leading provider of FF&E design and consultancy, our philosophy embraces available budget and overall environment, with a focus on fostering creativity and well-being. We thoughtfully consider technological connectivity, pleasing aesthetics, adaptable spaces, and customised storage solutions for students and staff. Our sustainable approach intertwines environmental, social, and economic aspects, employing innovative technologies and materials to craft spaces that positively impact present and future generations.

Partnership & collaboration

Innovating together: Beyond designing and building, we’re masters of collaboration. From sparking the vision, to design, manufacture, installation and seamless handover, Chalk is your specialist education and FF&E partner.

A modular 8-step approach

Our approach empowers us to seamlessly integrate into any stage of your project lifecycle. With flexibility at our core, and working at BIM Level 2 standard, we’re equipped to engage whenever and wherever you need us.

01 Consultancy
We address educational challenges, adapting to the evolving needs of students and teachers – this includes a sustainability strategy to futureproof your space for future use.

02 space planning
We seamlessly integrate efficiency, flexibility, and purpose into every design, minimising wasted space and maximising utility. One of our cornerstones is zoning, a technique that carefully allocates areas to provide a variety of functions creating distinct yet interconnected zones for optimised and engaged learning.

03 interior design
With a creative response to interior design that stems from the ethos and values of each specific project, we are able to reflect each clients unique approach to learning, appetite for technology integration, available space and budget. We are dedicated to crafting inspiring, transformative learning spaces that prioritise learning, well-being, and functionality and pride ourselves on bespoke solutions.

04 space visualisation
By adhering to BIM Level 2 standards, we create collaborative 3D models with integrated data that enhances design accuracy, fosters effective teamwork among stakeholders, and empowers informed decision-making for successful implementation.

05 legacy allocation
Through comprehensive FF&E surveys, we utilise bespoke software and technology to assess furniture conditions, enabling detailed reports that contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and guide your sustainable FF&E transformation, potentially reducing upfront investment in new FF&E.

06 ff&e consultancy
Drawing from a vast network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers (inc. in-house design & build), we curate a bespoke selection of FF&E that perfectly aligns with your brief. Our turnkey solutions guarantee a transformation that is not only visually impactful, but also environmentally responsible.

07 move & change management
Our Move and Change Consultancy is dedicated to supporting schools and their communities throughout large or complex relocation and transition projects. From the initial planning and communication stages to the appointment of a move contractor, we provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process.

08 construction
We understand that mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems are critical components of any successful project. Our specialist MEP services form the backbone of our turnkey solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned and executed. With a comprehensive suite of services, Chalk is your go-to partner for educational projects of any scale.

We understand design, build & fit-out

• Personal security
• Spacial planning
• Sustainability
• Flexibility
• Well-being
• Aesthetics
• Storage solutions
• Construction (MEP)
• ICT integration
• Cultural influences
• Colour consultancy
• FF&E

The evolution of education – embracing modern design principles.

This mini-insight explores how education is still grounded in essential principles while embracing change through design practices, considering carbon neutrality, technology integration, flexible learning approaches, and teacher involvement.